Launching as Ascender Creative was an opportunity to reframe the expansion of the strategic intelligence and incisive creative we use to help our clients build deeper relationships with their audiences. Reinforcing this with our new fluid strap-line enables us to present the full extent of our services with Creative Elevation at its core.

We chose Ascender as a name as it seemed to perfectly represent why we’re here – to take clients to the next level by elevating every aspect of the marketing mix. The typographical reference was the cherry on top.

“For our agencies and their four directors, it was an opportunity to grow and extend our capabilities relatively seamlessly, expanding on our two great teams to supercharge everything we do and the brands we work with. Our clients recognise the power of a fully integrated brand and coming together as Ascender with a cohesive and unified range of creative services in one place enables us to deliver just that.” – Emma Dinmore, Business Development Director


  • An expansion of our marketing, social media, web and consultancy services
  • Increased specialist sector knowledge
  • A bigger, broader team that extends both our capabilities and our capacity

Of course, some things will stay the same. You’ll still get the same creative innovation and dedication to the cause, and the same friendly, responsive service, just from an expanded, united team. We look forward to introducing them to you in due course!

“We work with everyone from start-ups to global businesses like Hard Rock Hotel, Ransomes Jacobsen, Gressingham Duck and Ria Money Transfer, but they are all looking for the same insight, creativity and dedication to the cause to drive growth.” – Peter Jenkins, Creative Director

“Together our team has the capability to shape brands elevating them to be more, to achieve more. After many months of preparation and work, we’re finally ready to go and very excited about the newly forged future ahead of us.” – Simon Milldown, Creative Director

If you’d like to know more about Ascender Creative and what we can do for you, please get in touch. We look forward to the journey together.